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14) Sharon Norton Hamill 
Salem, CT Location
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Saturday, 6 April 2013 12:07 PM Write a comment

One of my Norton ancestors married an Eaton in the 1850's. Just trying to make a connection.
13) Richard Eaton 
NY Location
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Monday, 25 March 2013 06:00 AM Write a comment

Please contact me at
12) Richard Eaton 
New York Location
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Sunday, 24 March 2013 05:18 PM Write a comment

You are mostly correct. William is one of 6 children of Solomon Gould Eaton, by his first wife. Her name remains a mystery, they were probably married in Chester,Warren, New York, but could have been in Barre, Orleans County. Williams wife Lydia, Woods for Williams wife is new Information for me. Solomon was my 2nd great grandfather.
11) Nancy Cackler 
TN Location
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Sunday, 24 March 2013 05:06 AM Write a comment


Yesterday I wrote asking for information on William and Lydia Ann (Woods) Eaton. As I worked on them last night I have some more questions about William's family. I am not for sure, but I believe Williams father is Solomon b. 1799 New York d. 1870 Michigan. It looks like he had a younger brother named Albert, who married another of my Woods people, Frances Woods b. 1840 d. 1877 Michigan. Albert was b. abt. 1835. Another sibling to William and it lists Solomon G. Eaton on her death record is Lucy Eaton Pettit that died in Jackson, Michigan 1908.

Is there a descendants book that documents this family. I would also like to know who William's mother is as it looks like Solomon remarried by the 1850 census.

I look forward to a reply.....

10) Nancy Cackler 
TN Location
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Saturday, 23 March 2013 10:56 AM Write a comment


I am researching Lydia Ann Woods that married William Eaton.

In the 1850 census they lived in Richmond, Macomb, Michigan.

In the 1860 census they lived in Riley, St. Clair, Michigan. Documented on this census living with the Eaton's is Faithful Woods. I believe this is Lydia's mother. I am looking for documentation that proves Lydia' parents were James and Faithful (Bromley) Wood or Woods, so I can connect her to my tree.
More information about William and Lydia Eaton:

William Eaton was born in New York abt 1825 He was in the 1st and 5th co E Michigan Civil War.
After the 1870 census the family migrated to Salina, Kansas. William died in 1901 and Lydia died 1917.
Lydia was born 1831 Vermont.
Their Children:
Jane--must have died young as she was listed in the 1850 census but was not listed in the 1860 census.
Chester--b. 1853 d. 1919 Seattle Washington
Ellen --b. abt 1856 Michigan
Flora Belle--b. 09 May 1861 Michigan d.02 Nov 1936 Kansas married Charles R. Squires
Lucy E--b. 22 May 1871 Michigan d. 27 May 1923 Marion Oregon. Married Roscoe Wolcott
I would like to find documentation about Lydia's parents, so I can connect her to my tree.

Best Wishes,
9) kalehua perry 
Kona,Hawaii Location
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Sunday, 17 March 2013 09:11 PM Write a comment

Happy St.Patrick's Day Ohana!
I contacted an Eaton family web site a couple months ago,but I lost the Cousin's name and address.I hope this is the same site.My name is Kalehuamakanoenoe Joseph Perry.My father was James-Earl Kalehuamakanoenoe Perry.He changed his last name from Eaton to Perry when my grandmother re-married.His father was Clarence Eaton(buried in Hilo,Hwaii).I hope this helps.Also,I like know what our family crest looks like so I can make a tattoo.

Mahalo and A Hui Hou

Barbara Fitzsenry Sunday, 17 March 2013 11:40 PM
Mahalo! So far, the only Eatons I can find near Hilo were Jerry Paul Eaton who was the Director of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory at Kiluea, US Geological Survey who was born in CA and his wife Nancy Jeanne ZEITLIN. Both were born during 1920s. Now whether Nancy remarried to a Perry I do not know or perhaps Jerry Paul Eaton had other family who also lived on the Big Island and may be related to Clarence, I'm not sure. I will keep looking.

Barbara Fitzsenry Monday, 1 April 2013 07:28 AM
I just read the April newsletter and one of the queries at the end mentioned her family was from Hawaii. She referenced a James Earl Perry who had changed his name from Eaton to Perry. Anyway to make a long story short, she is related to my husbands side of the family. I wrote to her several weeks ago. My husbands great grandfather was the first Eaton to arrive in the islands back in the 1800's. His name was William Lewis Eaton. He had three children, one of whom was Floyd Crosby Eaton. Floyd married a Polynesian lady and had thirteen natural born children and they also adopted two of their grandchildren.
I couldn't tell who had responded to her inquiry. I did tell Doug McMillian that I had written to her and had given her the family info. I could not find my copy of the crest to send to her so she could get her tattoo.
I will send her another note and I will keep looking for my crest so I can forward a copy to her. Any Eaton with Hawaiian heritage will be related to my husband's line. All I can say is the Hawaiian's loved everyone and quite a few had children out of wedlock. You should see all my notes on the family. Rumor has it that the above James Earl Perry changed his name to avoid paying child support when he got divorced and moved to another island. (Ah, rumors - what can I say)
8) Steve M. 
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Monday, 11 March 2013 02:25 PM Write a comment

Seeking any possible information regarding a Captain Nicholas Eaton who was an adult in 1668. I saw the wonderful article re-printed in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Newsletter and thought that the most likely candidate was the Capt. Nicholas Eaton of Dover who was buried in April of 1667. My relative was a Captain Nicholas Parker of the Royal Navy who died in September of 1668. In his will, dated 7 Aug 1668, he makes several bequests to "Captain Nicholas Eaton of Plimouth."

Captain Nicholas Parker was reared in Boston, Massachusetts, but pursued his Navy career in the service of England, so "Plimouth" could refer to either Plymouth, Devon or Plymouth, Massachusetts. It could be that he was unaware of the death of the Captain Nicholas Eaton, if it is the same person mentioned in his will. I am also trying to find out if they served together or how they were acquainted.

Barbara Fitzsenry Thursday, 14 March 2013 02:16 PM
The Eatons of Dover were not only mayors of Dover, but were shipbuilders/ship owners: Peter Eaton was Captain of the Hector. "In St. Mary parish is recorded the burial 3 Nov 1625 of Peter Eaton, Captain of the Hector." The Hector was the ship Theophilus Eaton and John Davenport sailed.
Nicholas Eaton, jurat of Dover, was owner of Hercules "On 22 July 1628, Nicholas Eaton and others of Dover purchased the prize vessel Vias Spinas, taken by one of the Port's ships (and renamed The Hercules) for Ł100 and the bargain and sale was confirmed.(61) " The Hercules was the ship that William and Jonas of Reading sailed.

(61) Felix Hull, ed., A Calendar of the White and Black Books of the Cinque Ports [Kent Archaeological Society, 19], 445.

Nicholas Eaton, jurat of Dover, was an owner of the ship Africa, of Dover, of 120 tons, William Legent captain, according to a warrant for issuing letters of marque dated 27 and 28 April 1627 (by 21 August 1627, William Legent was replaced as captain by Robert Smyth).(57)

(57) Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, ... Charles I. 1628-1629... (London, 1859), 294, 300. On 27 April 1627, James Hugesson, Jr., was listed as owner of the Spy, of Dover, of 80 tons. Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, ... Charles I. 1628-1629... (London, 1859), 294.

Captain Nicholas Eaton, jurat of Dover, son of Nicholas Eaton, jurat of Dover, "Nicholas Eaton was a shipmaster, ship owner and merchant."

Barbara Fitzsenry Sunday, 17 March 2013 03:25 AM
Capt. Nicholas Eaton was commander of his majesty's ship the Chester. From: A treatise on the laws of commerce and manufactures, and the ..., Volume 4 page 277, by Joseph Chitty
7) Valerie Earl 
Hingham, MA Location
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Monday, 4 March 2013 08:24 AM Write a comment

I am looking for historical references for: Mount Eaton, Roscommon, Kings County, Ireland. This location is given as the birth place for John Portt, b. 1795. I am researching the Portt Family and John Portt was the oldest son of William Portt who brought his family from Ireland to Canada in 1819 and settled in Hastings Co, Ontario. The family is supposed to have fond memories of the Shannon River. Other family members give their birthplace as: Mount Heaton, near Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland.
Is this the type of information you can provide?

Barbara Fitzsenry Wednesday, 6 March 2013 09:32 AM
I will pass this on to our Eaton member in Ireland -- perhaps he is more familiar with it. Will let you know what we learn.

George Eaton Thursday, 14 March 2013 02:15 AM
I think there is some confusion here. Roscommon & Kings County are separate. The Island of Ireland is divided into 32 counties of which County Roscommon is one & County Offaly (formerly Kings County) is another. “Memories of the Shannon River” If the Portt family had fond memories of the Shannon River this might indicate that they had some property or some other interest in the River itself or in land adjoining it. County Roscommon has considerable frontage onto the River Shannon. (cont'd)

George Eaton Thursday, 14 March 2013 07:00 AM
“Mount Heaton, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.” This property is now known as Mount St. Joseph Abbey & it was known in ancient times as Ballyskenagh. In 1700 the name was changed to Mount Heaton in honor of its former owner Richard Heaton who was a priest who became Rector of Birr & Kilrush. He lived for a time in Dublin. He fled to his native England in 1641 & remained there during the Cromwellian Wars. At the restoration he returned to Ireland & became Dean of Clonfert. He died in 1666 & his best remembered now as a Botanist. “Mount Eaton, County Kilkenny” Governor Theophilus Eaton of New Haven CT had a son Theophilus who migrated to Ireland after death of the Governor. He in turn had a son John who is mentioned in Trinity College Dublin records in 1681. He rec’d substantial grants of lands & in 1703 a lease of land in County Kilkenny. He built a house & enclosed part of the demesne & called it Mount Eaton. He had significantly heavy debts (some of them inherited) & in 1752 Lord Nicholas Loftus of Ely acquired all of his property, & changed the name to Mount Loftus. It is possible that an Eaton emigrated to US of A & became a Heaton during the immigration process, or alternatively a Heaton emigrated & became an Eaton during the immigration process. Hope this helps. George Eaton
6) Sheila Jobe 
Houston, TX Location
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Saturday, 2 March 2013 04:43 PM Write a comment

Hello all - I am a 7th ggd of David Eaton and Deborah White. I am interested in learning more but I am cautious about signing up since I cant see any samples of the quality of information within the site. Are there are sections which are open to review prior to paying the $60s for a new membership?

Thanks for putting this information together. What a help it would be if every family line had a comprehensive site. :)

Barbara Fitzsenry Saturday, 2 March 2013 11:15 PM
Always happy to meet new family. As for reading the kind of info we produce, check out "Guest Features" for sample articles/info. If you are interested primarily in Canadian branches, we suggest going to our former member's (Keith Berry) web site, We do, however, have both articles & database info on our own web site which was researched by another of our former members/DNA Project Coordinator (Dr. Phil Converse) regarding the 1st 5 generations from David to immigrant John but, perhaps not in the detail you may be looking for. The EFA also has much research/info on site regarding earlier generations back to England/Wales, as well as having a Family Genealogist & other members who follow this line who may also be able to help in sorting thru your lineage if that is the kind of help you need. In addition, we send out a monthly newsletter which gives a broader perspective on your Eaton family and its many branches & have stored over 1100 articles on line, but this again may not be the kind of info you are interested in. Of course, we would welcome you as a member, but no matter what you choose, we will be here for you to help if we can if you will tell us a little more about what you are searching for. Again, thanks for visiting our site and hope to hear from you again.
5) Branden K Eaton 
Arizona Location
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Sunday, 24 February 2013 10:54 PM Write a comment

Thank you

Barbara Fitzsenry Monday, 25 February 2013 06:00 AM
You're very welcome. Always happy to provide info for our Eaton family.
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